When Leaves Fall Cover

Whaddaya Want

I'm inspired by the strength of New Yorkers recovering from Sandy. Poet Elise Skidmore considers herself fortunate: she only lost her roof -- and she was able to get gas today! In her recently published book When Leaves Fall she wrote a poem honoring her native New York City. Share this to encourage the New Yorkers you know.

Whaddaya Want?

This is New York,
the Big Apple--
We got it all.
You could eat in a different place
every day for ten years
and never have the same thing twice--
and that's not even counting the street vendors.
Gotta love those dirty water hot dogs,
smothered in mustard and kraut,
and the smell of roasted chestnuts
when the shows let out.
You want fancy,
we got fancy,
but nothing beats
pastrami piled high on rye at the Carnegie Deli
or Lindy's New York Cheesecake.
So Whaddaya want?
We got it all.
But don't forget your wallet--
This is New York, after all.

Note: Elise's first book Poems from the Edge of Spring is a poetry finalist in the Epic Book Awards for 2013.

You can learn more about Elise's writing and purchase her books here. Profits from the sales of her books will help repair her roof!

When Leaves Fall Cover

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