The Package

Heart Ally authors receive:

  • one-on-one mentoring throughout the writing and marketing process
  • a custom website, not just a boilerplate
  • control of their writing project
  • novel typeset and formatted for POD
  • distribution/wholesaling setup
  • formatting for ebook readers
  • custom marketing plan
  • hand-holding and encouragement

This is not a book mill. We work with authors we enjoy working with, on projects we love and are proud to have our name on.

How much does this cost?

  • we have a low set-up fee, negotiated up-front (refunded from sales by "earning out")
  • 10% of the profits from your book
  • author pays the costs associated with getting the book done, just as they would if they self-published

The setup fee is so low, if your book doesn't make any money, neither do we. A lot of places advertise that they do not ask for a percentage. They also do not stay with you through the marketing process. They put a book in your hands and wish you well. They've already made a profit. That's not the way Heart Ally works. If you don't make a profit, neither do we.

What about those setup costs? Actually, they aren't the same as if you self-published. They're probably lower. Why? Because we provide you with a list of options every step of the way so you can make informed decisions. Whenever possible, we negotiate discounts for our customers. Our goal is to save you money and maximize your profits. We do this by working together, exploring options and giving you the tools you need to succeed. You won't be asked to pay an extra fee for marketing plan assistance or an add-on fee for a website. You also won't be charged an add-on fee if you want to set up a t-shirt site, bookmarks, or other marketables based on your brand. Heart Ally is your assistant and your publisher all the way through this project and on to the next -- if you decide you want to stay with us.

Some services charge extra for a website. We consider a website to be crucial to selling your novel. On occasion, we will minimize an author's web presence, but only at the author's specific request. We encourage web marketing and will teach you how to use social marketing tools without allowing marketing to interfere with your precious writing time. We believe that our authors are writers first, and that writing should always come first. It has been proven that if you write more books, you will sell more books. In today's market, productivity pays off. Our goal is to keep our authors productive. Remember, we don't make money unless you make money.

10% of the profit off your sales -- let's talk about that for a moment. Profit has different meanings in the book industry. For Heart Ally, profit means: the money the consumer pays for the book or product minus the fees associated with it. So, say a book has a retail value of $10. If a bookstore buys the book at a 20% discount, that means that $8 goes to the print-on-demand printer.  (Customers pay the shipping.) If the book costs $5 to produce, then the printer will deduct $5 and send $3 to Heart Ally. We deduct 30 cents. The remaining $2.70 will be sent to the author.

Our initial setup fee is considered a down-payment for our services. Sort of the reverse of what you'd expect from a traditional publisher. We have to earn that money, not just by handing you a book, but by producing profits for you. Here's how it works. Say you paid Heart Ally $100 to create the novel in that last example. Remember, Heart Ally's profit from that sale is 30 cents. This means that for the first 334 (roughly) books, Heart Ally will not keep the 10% but will include it in your check. Once you've sold more than the 334 books, then we'll start making a profit.

Before any fees are paid or any charges come due, you'll be sent a contract to review. We've worked hard to create a contract that we feel is professional and similar to industry standards, while reflecting our unique business model. The term of the contract is 3 years. There is a clause that allows you to end the contract early if you desire. There is also a clause that allows us to terminate the contract if our working relationship is not going well. The goal is to establish a comfortable relationship where we each know what to expect from the other. No surprises. No hidden "gotcha" clauses. We encourage our writers to take all the time they need to review the contract. Discuss it with an attorney. We had the time to seek legal counsel. You should as well.

We are creating a new type of publishing house. Industry professionals tell us we have no chance of succeeding. We think differently. Our authors think differently.

Want to join the team? Use the contact form and let us know about your project and your goals for your writing career.

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