It's like sitting down for a meal with the Messiah.

This is not a “traditional” discipleship manual. Instead, It is a how-to handbook for those who are new in their relationship with Yeshua, or those who have been walking with Yeshua for some time, and want to deepen their spiritual lives. In the format of a many-course meal, Rabbi Dauermann shows us how Yeshua might have taught his disciples about what things are important for them to be doing after He has left them. Unlike most discipleship books, it is written with the Jewish Yeshua-follower in mind, presenting how much of this new relationship with the Messiah is based on Jewish themes and concepts. What is more Jewish than sitting down to a family meal? I highly recommend this book to new Jewish Yeshua-followers, as well as those who need a refresher. This book will bring everyone closer to Messiah Yeshua! This goes on my shelf with Rabbi Stuart's other books

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