Science Fiction and Fantasy

Pizza Dragon: Vegetarian Supreme with Extra Cheese

By Joseph R. Lallo “Sleeping bags. Toilet paper. Basil. Grated cheese. Whole wheat flour. White flour. Flour for bread makers. Red pepper flake…” Science awaits! When you’re kneading to hide out from family, the cops, and overly determined gangsters, the last thing you want is a pizza dragon crust-ing your style. But for Markus and […]

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by Briauna Mariah It’s 2250. Icecaps have melted. The world is under one unifying government. And humans have a genetic equal: homo transitus. Forced into exile for their differences, transitus families have only one place to live considered safe: the sweltering community of an East Antarctic island. Here, transitus kids train for a life of […]

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Dominion of Darkness

In a land where light and dark are bastions of power, the Elainya and her beloved serve King Cydril with their magic. But Cydril covets Elainya for his own.

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Antioch Burns

by Daniel Ottalini When a scouting expedition goes disastrously wrong, Marius Quinctius Regillus finds himself in a horde of trouble. With the Mongols encircling the grand fortress city of Antioch, Regillus and his men are trapped between a governor’s ambitions and the Mongolian weaponry. With nowhere to turn, can they save the city, or will […]

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