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Antioch Burns

by Daniel Ottalini When a scouting expedition goes disastrously wrong, Marius Quinctius Regillus finds himself in a horde of trouble. With the Mongols encircling the grand fortress city of Antioch, Regillus and his men are trapped between a governor’s ambitions and the Mongolian weaponry. With nowhere to turn, can they save the city, or will […]

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Undisturbed by Reality

by Annalise Phenix Playing with patterns and forms, this sampling of poetry by Annalise Phenix combines imagery from the natural world with the language of dream and myth. Winner of the 2014 EPIC award for poetry. Available in: Ebook: Paperback: Request from your favorite bookseller or librarian: Product details

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by Deleyna Marr Something is watching... A single gunshot shattered Dana's perfect life. Now she's starting over with a new life, new rules and an old flame to chase all her demons away. But Dana's demons have other ideas. They want her -- and her sisters -- at any cost. Available in: Ebook: Paperback: Request […]

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When Leaves Fall

When Leaves Fall is the eagerly anticipated book from acclaimed poet Elise Skidmore. Her poetry reaches into the heart and brings us together.

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Poems from the Edge of Spring

by Elise Skidmore A book of poetry from Elise Skidmore touching on the phases and loves of life, family, friends and the world we find ourselves in. Elise is converting poetry haters into poetry lovers with her accessible poems that delight and entertain. Like Love Like love, spring snuck up on me;one day when I […]

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