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I have a few priceless treasures that I love working with. Some of my students have asked me to share this list.

I'm only including people here that I've worked with. These are people that I feel comfortable sending my friends to. There are many other excellent resources for authors. These are just my favorites.

Learning to Write / Coaching

Any of the teachers at Lawson Writers' Academy -- you can't go wrong there. They'll take good care of you. Teachers at LWA work with their students in specialized classes designed to conquer specific issues. Want to be a successful professional author? Start there.

Are you struggling with the emotions of being a creative? My lifelong friend, Holly Lasky is a certified coach who works wonders with creative blocks!

Developmental Editing

Jenn Windrow


Ghost Writing

LA Mitchel

Book Cover Design

How to Build a Website

How to Make a Website - with one note. They recommend BlueHost for hosting. That is an option. My personal favorite hosting company is SiteGround. They are not the least expensive. I am an affiliate for SiteGround - I will only become an affiliate for companies that I actively use. Whenever I have a choice of hosting company, I want to be on SiteGround. The features of their plans and their excellent support make them worth the additional cost to me.

Looking for a cheaper hosting alternative? Check out A2Hosting. I'm not an affiliate, but they are a good option for the budget conscious.

Web Design

  • Elizabeth Bank - personable, professional, and affordable - excellent resource for authors
  • Deleyna's Dynamic Designs - my personal website design company for authors
  • SJ Usability Services - Monica Jurgeleit - Monica offers a variety of services and can also function as an assistant
  • Paul Courreges - on the high end, also offers customized hosting packages where he monitors every aspect of your website on an ongoing basis

(Don't judge by their individual websites. Each of these folks knows what a writer needs and builds sites for writers.)


Book Trailers

Sydney Converse - hard working, fast, creative.

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