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Looking for the Light: Hindsight is 2020

by Elise Skidmore

A New Yorker by birth and by choice, Elise Skidmore lives on the south shore of Long Island with her husband of 45 years. While she misses her two grown children, she is quite proud of their success and independence.

She has been a writer since childhood, with poetry being her focus for many years. It is her way of working through dark times and celebrating the good times. Looking for the Light—Hindsight is 2020 is her fourth volume of poetry. Two of her earlier anthologies were finalists for Epic eBook Awards. She’s also an amateur photographer. All her poetry books contain her original photography in addition to the vivid tapestry of her words. And while one may summarize Elise in any number of wonderful descriptors, chief among them must always be writer.

I’ve read POEMS FROM THE EDGE OF SPRING, and can highly recommend it! The sort of book you can pick up for a moment’s respite or inspiration or just sit and read from piece to piece, always entertained/comforted/made to think. Lovely book!
--Diana Gabaldon, NYT bestselling author of the OUTLANDER series

Poignant and lyrical, every sentence is a gem.
--Karen White, NYT bestselling author of The Tradd Street series

Warm and accessible, Ms. Skidmore’s poetry shines. Her love of the simple things, of home and family, evokes memories and feelings common to us all, and her sure hand strokes the iron string that runs through every heart. Kudos.
--Dale Cramer, award winning author of KISS OF THE JEWEL BIRD

If you love poetry, WHEN LEAVES FALL will fill a new corner of your heart. If you think you don’t like poetry, its achingly simple beauty will prove you wrong.
--Linda Grimes, author of Tor Books’ Ciel Halligan series

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Sample poems read by the author:

I picked up this little gem, even though poetry isn't my go to read. Partially because poetry needs to be savored, each word devoured like a hard candy slowly enjoying the taste, I prefer a page turner that gets my heart thumping. In each page Elise has put in to words , what many of us have felt this past year , carefully taking us through a year most of us have never lived, and ending with a ray of hope. I must say I found myself looking for more when I reached the last page. Enjoyable and thought provoking I highly recommend it, and look forward to future offerings .

S. Michalski

Another beautiful book by this amazing writer, each story brings up memories , some happy some sad, but all welcomed. I’m so glad I read this book and I will probably read it again because not only does she tell stories from the past, but it is so comforting to know that someone else was sharing the same fears and uncertainties of life in the year 2020. And as another special feature of the book are the photos she so generously added from her own albums. I encourage anyone to read this book and the other in her series.


I made myself a cup of tea and read this book of poetry in one sitting. I didn't set out to finish it so quickly, but I couldn't put it down--or perhaps it wouldn't let me go, is a better way to phrase it. 2020 is a year best viewed in hindsight, especially when you have the company of a poet who gently guides you through it with her relatable subject matter and the deceptively simple rhythm of her words. The photos that accompany many of the poems add to the richness of the reading experience. Highly recommended.

Linda G.

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