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June A. Converse

Decide to Hope - Women's Fiction

Journey to Hope - Women's Fiction

June was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. June has been married a long time to her high school sweetheart (since 1992) and have two grown children and two not-grown grands. She has been a Medical Office Manager, a Medical Consultant to hospitals, a middle and high school teacher. Now, she sits at her desk and puts words on paper that might, just might, help her readers understand trauma, Bipolar Disorder and a life that goes on anyway.

She believes we have been given gifts and when we use those gifts, we are closer to peace and contentment. Her gift is teaching. She love to learn, and She loves to impart what She’s learned. Whether working with students or adults, her favorite moment has to be the “I get it” or “I can do it now” or “This is truly interesting” look. When she teaches, her energy goes through the roof. No matter where life takes her, learning and teaching will be part of who she am and who she wants to be.

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