Joseph Lallo

Joseph R. Lallo

YA Fantasy – Pizza Dragon

Joseph R. Lallo was born in Bayonne, NJ. For most of his life, writing was an interest that he used to fill those spare moments when he should have been studying or doing other more productive activities. This continued all the way through college, through graduate school where he earned a masters of computer engineering, and through nearly a decade as an IT specialist. On January 28th 2010, after several dozen failed attempts to have his stories traditionally published, his friends convinced him to self-publish. A year later he had earned $19, so he decided to make the first book in his series free. The following month he made $1900 and was well on his way to a career in self-publishing. Since then he has expanded into traditional publishing, translations, audio productions, and podcasts.

Primarily known for his Book of Deacon fantasy series, Joseph R. Lallo has released more than two books in a variety of settings. These include the six books in the Deacon setting, seven science fiction novels in the Big Sigma series, a superhero satire called The Other Eight, and a steampunk series called Free-Wrench.

Find him on his website and on the Six Figure Author Podcast. You can also find writing advice from him on Writers in the Storm.

Read his interview with Heart Ally Books, LLC here.

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