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Introducing Joseph Lallo

Folks - you have to forgive me while I gush a bit. Joseph Lallo is my favorite author. I've been a fan for probably longer than either of us would want to own up to. My husband is a fan. My kids are fans. Lallo books are a treasure in our house. I was in a private fan Discord when I realized that Joseph might be open to the possibility of working with a small indie publisher, and being crazy... I pitched the idea and he said yes! So it is my pleasure to introduce you to an author I hope you'll love as much as I do!

HA: Why did you choose to work with Heart Ally Books LLC?

JL: After a lengthy career as a full-time, self-pubbed author, I started to run out of steam on promotion. I was approached to offer up some releases via Heart Ally Books and it seemed like an excellent fit.

HA: I'm hoping you'll find this is a fantastic fit!!! This is not your first book. What was the most surprising experience you had while becoming an author the first time?

JL: Honestly, the most surprising part of becoming an author for the first time was the realization that other people wanted to learn what my imaginary friends were up to. When people started downloading, reading, and LIKING my story, it felt a little unreal.

HA: As a long-time fan, my favorite part of your writing is how delightful your characters are. It doesn't surprise me that people love them.

Was there anything that struck you as different from working with Heart Ally?

JL: It's just nice having someone else with insight into the author biz doing so much of the heavy lifting. I'd been letting finished stories pile up because I just couldn't bring myself to do the release legwork, and when you're self-pubbed, if you don't feel like doing it, it doesn't get done. Now, I both have someone handling the non-writing part of writing, and someone cracking a whip to get me off my butt. Or, I suppose, ON my butt to keep writing.

HA: I love it! And the bonus for me is... I get to read those stories you have piled up! We're happy to do the bits you don't enjoy! Do you have a favorite or least favorite part of being an author?

JL: My favorite part of being an author is that daydreaming is considered productivity. My least favorite part is promotion, perhaps tied with the fact you can spend months doing something and have it land with a thud, or you can spit something out in a couple of weeks and have it do gangbusters. Unpredictability is stressful sometimes.

HA: That unpredictability is a huge part of this business. Ugh, stressful for sure!

Pizza Dragon has a fun history - want to tell about that?

JL: An artist named ProjectEndo (who is now busy working on the exceptional Lackadaisy animated series), had created a type of creature called the Structophis Gastrignae. It was very well-formed and detailed in its lore, and I really liked it. As a birthday gift, I wrote a sample chapter of what MY pizza dragon would be like, which involved breaking many of the rules. It went over well, both with Endo and with my fans, so one chapter became two, and then a whole book. But that's how and why Pizza Dragon is. I should also talk WHAT Pizza Dragon is.

It's the story of a dragon who is also a pizza oven. ... Do you really need more than that? There are adventures, and intrigue. Family is found, hearts are warmed, things burst into flames. But mostly, there's a dragon who is also a pizza oven.

HA: I love to know what is at the heart of a book. What do you feel the core of the book is about?

JL: As tends to be the case for my books, the heart of this one is a group of people who need each other. They come together, face a challenge they have no reasonable expectation of overcoming, and then do their darndest to overcome it. For me, a novel is almost always about the people in it. What they do should be interesting, but who they are should be the real meat of the story.

HA: You've definitely got those wonderful characters in this story. It gives me all sorts of warm, gooey, cheesy feelings! Folks - check out Pizza Dragon, and don't forget to also go over to Joseph's website to see all of his other amazing books, with more to come!

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