Deleyna Marr

Introducing Deleyna Marr

Why did you decide to indie-publish? Why now?

About 3 years ago, I went to yet another writer's convention. I met with yet another agent. She loved my writing but said there was no way she could help me publish it...and she was sad about that. I took some time and really got to know the agent, and heard her sorrow over the industry, how sad she was to turn down great books and how disappointed she was when she saw writers taking her turning them down personally, as if the rejection of their writing meant that it wasn't any good. She taught me a lot that weekend. When I came home, I realized that I didn't want to fight that battle any longer. I know me. I know my passions and my drives, the story-lines that feed my creativity...and they will never be mainstream. I simply don't fit in the traditional industry.

Once I reached that point, the "when" became "now." I took my time researching the industry and learned the ropes. As soon as I felt comfortable with the process, I published Sisterhood.

What motivates you? What themes run through your writing?

Sisterhood has a number of themes that show up in my other books as well. One is the concept of freedom, of free choice, free will, and how that plays out in our world. I believe that freedom is at the very core of our existence as humans, and slavery takes many forms. As a young person, I met a woman who was a slave living right next-door to me in my upper-middle-class neighborhood. The paranormal aspect of the book comes from my own worldview belief that our lives in this temporal plain of existence are only a part of reality, that there is more to life. I'm a big fan of Ransomed Heart Ministries and a firm believer that we live in a world caught up in the midst of a mighty spiritual war. This view impacts every area of my life, so it comes out in my writing as well.

Tell us more about the story.

In college, three young women meet and find that they share a very special psychic bond. As adults, they've each chosen their own paths: one is a housewife, one is a witch, and one is a industrial spy. When Dana (the housewife) has a dream that Marie (the spy) has been shot, she seeks out her friend. From there, Dana's world unravels, her husband is murdered, and she becomes caught up in Marie's life, becoming a spy herself. They are joined by a rogue spy, Kevin, who has vowed to protect them. In the book, the three women have to sort out the story of their origins and learn to work together again. A side note: the entire story did not fit in one book, so there is more to come. I have barely touched on Lara (the witch) and her life.

What do you think of the experience of indie publishing so far? What were the hard/easy parts?

I love indie publishing. I loved having control over every aspect of the process. Working with my cover artist was a dream.

I don't enjoy editing, and I really really really don't like marketing. Did I mention that I don't like marketing? I've learned from traditionally published authors that I'd have to do that even if I had been picked up by a major publisher, so I'm learning to live with it. Buy my book. Write a review. Please? See? I've got it down now.

Would you do this again?

Definitely. As soon as I get book 2 done, it will come out through Heart Ally. I also have another book that has been sitting on the shelf. "Dominion of Darkness" is a fantasy novel. I hope to have that dusted off and ready to go to print in a few months.

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