Briauna Mariah

Introducing Briauna Mariah

We are so excited to bring Briauna Mariah into the Heart Ally family! Okay, full disclosure: she was already family. But that's not why we decided to publish Transitus. This book is an exciting addition to the line, and like the other books in the Heart Ally family, we're overjoyed to share this stunning book!

HA: Why did you choose to work with Heart Ally Books LLC?

B: I have a lot of respect for people trying to do the right thing in their respective industries. Heart Ally really has my best interest in mind and the process of launching Transitus has been a supportive, collaborative experience.

HA: So not just because we're related. (laughing) What was the most surprising experience you had during the process of becoming an author?

B: The most surprising part of this journey for me has been my cover art experience. I was given creative liberty to choose and pursue the artist of my choice for Transitus. I chose someone who I thought had very quality work and I was looking forward to that same quality of work representing my own cover. Unfortunately, the artist significantly under-delivered for me, for an exorbitant cost. Costing me not only more than the budget I had for the cover, but also months of back and forth to try to get it right. I ultimately gave up on them, cutting my losses. I wished I had done so much sooner. Heart Ally worked with me on finding a new artist option and handled the creative communication and feedback. What we ended up with is an excellent cover I'm proud to show off. I didn't expect that process to go so badly! I'm glad it was saved in the end.

HA: That cover story was heart-breaking. The first time people see what goes into a "traditional" book cover, it can be shocking. Josef Bartoň is the artist who finally came to our rescue. He is amazing and creative and made this cover everything we'd hoped it could be.

Do you have a favorite or least favorite part of being an author?

B: I feel like such a newbie still, I'm going to have to come back to this question! Generally, my favorite part about my writing journey has been letting my creativity flow and really enjoying the words I put on a page. I love reworking them, too, and making them sing. My least favorite part of the journey has been how many times I've decided to re-write my WIP. Transitus got lucky. I did some chapter rewrites, but it never got in quite the rut I'm in for my second manuscript. 

HA: You're not going to stay stuck on this second one for long. It is coming together beautifully! Readers are going to thoroughly enjoy going literally deeper into your world.

You documented this process as a podcast. Do you have a favorite episode to share with folks?

Show Don't Tell' and Other 'Rules' has been the most popular episode to date. However, my favorite to date is of course, "I Published a book!" posted today. It's the episode I've waited 4 years of podcasting to finally make!

HA: Talk a little bit about the heart of the book and what led you to write Transitus?

B: In a nutshell, Transitus was the prequel to the book I really wanted to write, which is the manuscript I'm stuck on now. Inspired by a post-ice-melt world, where humans have evolved to exist as aquatic humanoids living in the ocean. I started to ask myself how this (very rapid) evolution might have happened, and the backstory slowly emerged. I needed to make that backstory into a book to really ground me in the world I was going to start creating. Having said that about the initial origins of Transitus, it also went through many years of growth and contemplation. It transformed into its own unique, stand-alone story, which leads me to the other part of your question: the heart of the book. Well, for that piece, you're going to have to read the book and follow the journey of the Easter Eggs once you've finished.

HA: Learn more about Transitus here!

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