Whaddaya Want

I'm inspired by the strength of New Yorkers recovering from Sandy. Poet Elise Skidmore considers herself fortunate: she only lost her roof -- and she was able to get gas today! In her recently published book When Leaves Fall she wrote a poem honoring her native New York City. Share this to encourage the New […]

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Introducing Deleyna Marr

Why did you decide to indie-publish? Why now? About 3 years ago, I went to yet another writer's convention. I met with yet another agent. She loved my writing but said there was no way she could help me publish it...and she was sad about that. I took some time and really got to know […]

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Undisturbed by Reality

by Annalise Phenix Playing with patterns and forms, this sampling of poetry by Annalise Phenix combines imagery from the natural world with the language of dream and myth. Winner of the 2014 EPIC award for poetry. Available in: Ebook: Paperback: Request from your favorite bookseller or librarian: Product details

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by Deleyna Marr Something is watching... A single gunshot shattered Dana's perfect life. Now she's starting over with a new life, new rules and an old flame to chase all her demons away. But Dana's demons have other ideas. They want her -- and her sisters -- at any cost. Available in: Ebook: Paperback: Request […]

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Why I think Amazon Select is bad for writers.

I've been busy the last few months with medical issues (not my own), so this post is delayed. Delayed, but important. Amazon has a program out for publishers called Amazon Select. They're offering participants this month $600,000 in bonus money (divided up by how many downloads a book receives) if they will agree to publish […]

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Introducing Elise Skidmore

I've known Elise for more years than I want to confess to. I've watched her incredible talent grow and mature over the years. It has been frustrating to see this talent mostly hidden away, so bringing this book into publication makes me blissfully happy. I'm so excited to share her talent with the rest of […]

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Patronizing the Arts

As a young writer, I wanted a patron: someone who would pay my way in exchange for the creativity I would then offer up to bless the world. Reality can be a pain. I was horrified to learn there are so few patrons these days. Great, classical authors had patrons. Painters had patrons. But there […]

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Poems from the Edge of Spring

by Elise Skidmore A book of poetry from Elise Skidmore touching on the phases and loves of life, family, friends and the world we find ourselves in. Elise is converting poetry haters into poetry lovers with her accessible poems that delight and entertain. Like Love Like love, spring snuck up on me;one day when I […]

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When Leaves Fall

When Leaves Fall is the eagerly anticipated book from acclaimed poet Elise Skidmore. Her poetry reaches into the heart and brings us together.

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Elise Skidmore

Poetry and Short Stories Poems from the Edge of Spring When Leaves Fall A Dance of Dreams Trio: A Collection of Previous Volumes Moments in Time - 22 Stories Looking for the Light: Hindsight is 2020 Summer Serenade Elise Skidmore is a native New Yorker, who has been writing poetry since she was a child. […]

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Annalise Phenix

Undisturbed by Reality - Poetry Playing with patterns and forms, this sampling of poetry by Annalise Phenix combines imagery from the natural world with the language of dream and myth. Find her on Goodreads.

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Deleyna Marr

Fantasy, Modern adventure and Paranormal Dominion of Darkness Sisterhood Deleyna is the proud mother of 3 energetic children. She tends to collect additional children the way most people collect stray cats. Of late, she has the cats as well. Her passion has been writing since she could hold a pencil. While that is a cliche', […]

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