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Rabbi Stuart Dauermann holds an MA and PhD in Intercultural Studies. He is a Messianic Jewish futurist who focuses on increasing understanding and enriching community life at the intersection of the Jewish and Christian worlds. “What does it mean to be a Jewish disciple of Yeshua? Where does one begin? Rabbi Dauermann answers these questions […]

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Introducing Roy D. Bridges, Jr.

Roy Bridges's memoir, An Improbable Astronaut, launched on May 17, 2022. In this interview, we talk about everything from parenting to religion, and from Earth to space! Enjoy! HA: Why did you choose to work with Heart Ally Books? RB: I had originally contacted commercial and university publishing organizations but could not find a good […]

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Roy D. Bridges, Jr.

Autobiography - An Improbable Astronaut Major General (USAF, Retired) Roy D. Bridges Jr.'s Air Force career included being the Commander, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards Air Force Base; Commander, Eastern Space and Missile Center, Patrick AFB; and Commander, 412th Test Wing, Edwards AFB. As a pilot, test pilot and astronaut, he flew 4460 hours […]

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An Improbable Astronaut

by Roy D. Bridges, Jr. Astronaut Roy Bridges intentionally pursued a life of adventure. From fearlessly hunting bears in the woods with his cap pistol at age five, to piloting a fighter jet in Vietnam in his twenties, to rocketing into space at forty-two, he quietly, diligently, and relentlessly made his dream a reality. Fueled […]

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Introducing Diana Delacruz

I met Diana in a class that I teach for writers on website design. As we were working, I was struck by the beauty of the writing in her blog and the snippets of stories that she shared. When I tried to buy them, I discovered that they were all peacefully waiting in a drawer […]

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Diana Delacruz

Destiny at Dolphin Bay - Inspirational YA Fiction Return to Chiloé - Inspirational Memoir Diana Delacruz is the pen name of a current global worker in Coquimbo, Chile. Her debut novel, Destiny at Dolphin Bay, draws on the love/hate experience of her first term of service in Chiloé, Chile’s southern islands. After almost 40 years […]

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Destiny at Dolphin Bay

By Diana Delacruz God always has a purpose. We always have a choice. In this compelling Genesis Award finalist, fifteen-year-old Melissa Travis finds herself floundering into uncharted waters when she is exiled from her Christian high school. Dreading a month of “mom talks” over endless cups of tea, she accepts her missionary sister’s invitation to […]

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Looking for the Light: Hindsight is 2020

by Elise Skidmore A New Yorker by birth and by choice, Elise Skidmore lives on the south shore of Long Island with her husband of 45 years. While she misses her two grown children, she is quite proud of their success and independence. She has been a writer since childhood, with poetry being her focus […]

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Introducing June A. Converse

June Converse is the newest member of the Heart Ally Books family. I met her while teaching a class and was instantly drawn to the hopefulness of her writing. Her positivity and the beauty of her writing delighted me. I read her first book, Decide to Hope, before I learned she was looking for a […]

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Journey to Hope

by June A. Converse. When you lose everyone and everything you love, can you ever live again? Or love again? An unimaginable trauma. A future that seems impossible. When your world shatters, how do you put it back together? When Matt Nelson found Kathleen on the beach, she’d been hiding behind a scarf and sunglasses […]

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June A. Converse

Decide to Hope - Women's Fiction Journey to Hope - Women's Fiction June was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. June has been married a long time to her high school sweetheart (since 1992) and have two grown children and two not-grown grands. She has been a Medical Office Manager, a Medical Consultant to hospitals, […]

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