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I have a few priceless treasures that I love working with. Some of my students have asked me to share this list. I'm only including people here that I've worked with. These are people that I feel comfortable sending my friends to. There are many other excellent resources for authors. These are just my favorites. […]

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Book Coaching Available

If you are an indie author with questions, I do have a few coaching slots for non-publishing clients. Send me an email through my contact form and we can talk.

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Publishing Gold Freebies

Here are a few resources from my books that I'm making free for everyone. Note that these are offered without warranty. They are intended to save you time. In some circumstances you may need to modify them to meet your needs. 6x9" interior book template for use with InDesign Rough Print Cover Template

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The Books

Publishing Gold consists of 5 volumes. The Indie Writer's Philosophy—currently available—this book covers the business mindset that will set a writer up for success. The Indie Writer's Presence—currently available—how to create a web presence that helps you find and grow your audience. The Indie Writer's Phraseology—currently available—a mini-dictionary for indie writers that explains techniques, tools, […]

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Cover Reveal for Publishing Gold

Here are the covers for the first two books in my Publishing Gold series:    

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The Book that Can't be Published

I made a stunning mistake. I wrote a book that can't be published. It takes skill to be that amazingly shortsighted. Especially given that I'm an indie publisher! I've taught classes on indie publishing, both one-on-one and in group settings, for years. There are thousands of books out there on the subject. But I came […]

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