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Introducing Joseph Lallo

Folks - you have to forgive me while I gush a bit. Joseph Lallo is my favorite author. I've been a fan for probably longer than either of us would want to own up to. My husband is a fan. My kids are fans. Lallo books are a treasure in our house. I was in […]

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Introducing Briauna Mariah

We are so excited to bring Briauna Mariah into the Heart Ally family! Okay, full disclosure: she was already family. But that's not why we decided to publish Transitus. This book is an exciting addition to the line, and like the other books in the Heart Ally family, we're overjoyed to share this stunning book! […]

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Introducing Mick Sullivan

Meet author Mick Sullivan and hear about his book I See Lincoln's Underpants and why he chose to write a book about underwear!

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Introducing Rabbi Stuart Dauermann

Lisa from Heart Ally interviews Rabbi Stuart Dauermann about his latest book, lessons from life, and his message.

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Introducing Paul Wesslund

Paul talks with Heart Ally about his new book, passion projects, and how spirituality and business can coexist.

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Introducing Roy D. Bridges, Jr.

Roy Bridges's memoir, An Improbable Astronaut, launched on May 17, 2022. In this interview, we talk about everything from parenting to religion, and from Earth to space! Enjoy! HA: Why did you choose to work with Heart Ally Books? RB: I had originally contacted commercial and university publishing organizations but could not find a good […]

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Introducing Diana Delacruz

I met Diana in a class that I teach for writers on website design. As we were working, I was struck by the beauty of the writing in her blog and the snippets of stories that she shared. When I tried to buy them, I discovered that they were all peacefully waiting in a drawer […]

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Introducing June A. Converse

June Converse is the newest member of the Heart Ally Books family. I met her while teaching a class and was instantly drawn to the hopefulness of her writing. Her positivity and the beauty of her writing delighted me. I read her first book, Decide to Hope, before I learned she was looking for a […]

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Introducing Terry C. Pierce

I’m excited to introduce you all to retired Captain Terry C. Pierce, the latest Heart Ally author. His book Without Warning officially launches on June 15. HA: Why did you choose to work with Heart Ally Books? TCP: A leading literary agency expressed interest in Without Warning, but they requested I cut the book in […]

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On Racism

In our world, all companies need to state their position on racism clearly. Over the last few days, the publishing industry in particular has been called out for systemic racial bias. Heart Ally's approach to paying our authors is different than the mainstream. As such, all of our authors are paid the same regardless of […]

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Daniel Ottalini's Newest Novella

It is a crazy time in the world! Are you staying safe at home? Have you read any good books lately? Today I'm doing a follow up interview with Daniel Ottalini, author of the Steam Empire Chronicles. I met Daniel a few years ago at a publishing convention. HA: When we met, you were being […]

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How to Hire an Editor

Note: This post contains some excerpts from the infamous book 5 of my Publishing Gold Series, the one that can't be published on Amazon. I'm offering a special price on that book since you have to go to Smashwords to get it. Use coupon code: QN34K  and you'll get it for 99 cents. Coupon is […]

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