Breaking Free

by Alicia McCalla

What if CAGE took your mom?

BreakingFree_AliciaMcCalla_435-68017-year old XJ Patterson comes home from school to find her revolutionary mother using pyrokinectic abilities to fight officers from CAGE. XJ freaks out when her mother falls and CAGE hauls her away for a mind-swipe procedure. She wants to get her mom back but she won't become a revolutionary to do it. XJ hated growing up in the GEP Revolution and will do anything that she can to be mainstream even ignore the boy that she crushes on... She won't join him. She won't let him tell her story...

Brandon Miller has a huge crush on XJ. He doesn't care if they're the wrong mate designation type, that she's poor or he's rich, that she's black  and he's white, or that she's his stalker ex-girlfriend's step-sister. All he cares about is convincing her to become his girlfriend and telling her story on his Revolutionary TV program. When he sees XJ cut a deal with a crooked mainstream reporter, he does anything in his power to show XJ the truth but will it be too late?

Breaking Free is the first story in the Genetic Revolution series. Three cousins come together to become the ultimate weapon that will destroy CAGE, an organization designed to keep GEPs under control. With the help of their holographic grandfather and host of GEP allies will XJ, Amber, and Whitney reunite to overthrow CAGE and free GEPs from oppression and tyranny?


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and many others. Ask for ISBN: 9781631070105 or eISBN: 9780983513384.
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