A Dance of Dreams

A Dance of Dreams

A Dance of Dreams

by Elise Skidmore

What people are saying about Elise’s poetry:

Warm and accessible, Ms. Skidmore’s poetry shines. Her love of the simple things, of home and family, evokes memories and feelings common to us all, and her sure hand strokes the iron string that runs through every heart. Kudos.
—Dale Cramer, award winning author of KISS OF THE JEWEL BIRD

If you love poetry, When Leaves Fall will fill a new corner of your heart. If you think you don’t like poetry, its achingly simple beauty will prove you wrong.
—Linda Grimes, author of Tor Books’ Ciel Halligan series

Poignant and lyrical, every sentence is a gem.
—Karen White,  NYT bestselling author

A Dance of Dreams is the eagerly anticipated third book from acclaimed poet Elise Skidmore whose poetry reaches into the heart and brings us together in the dance we all share.

A Dance of Dreams

We live in a dance of dreams,
glissade from fantasy
to nightmare
and back again.
Sometimes sweet,
Sometimes bizarre,
Sometimes graceful,
Sometimes with the wobbly legs
of a newborn fawn.
We learn new steps
as we jump to unknown futures
and grow confident in choreography
perfected over time.
Sometimes we dance solo,
other times we revel
in glorious pas de deux,
but always we are part of the corps.
Life is but a dream we create;
leap into the dance and let yourself soar.


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