Antioch Burns

by Daniel Ottalini When a scouting expedition goes disastrously wrong, Marius Quinctius Regillus finds himself in a horde of trouble.... Continue reading →

P. Ryan Hembree

Convict Dad Deliver Us Eco-Sisters: The Car Eco-Sisters: The Garden Hayden’s Guild Tangled Emeralds Christian Adventure and Suspense

Convict Dad

by P. Ryan Hembree As a child, Fae Kardell stands helpless while police handcuff her father and drag him away... Continue reading →

Deliver Us

by P. Ryan Hembree Doreese Campbell learns her nephew is involved with a violent band of bank robbers. If she... Continue reading →


by Deleyna Marr Something is watching… A single gunshot shattered Dana’s perfect life. Now she’s starting over with a new... Continue reading →