The Books

Publishing Gold consists of 5 volumes.

  1. The Indie Writer’s Philosophy—currently available—this book covers the business mindset that will set a writer up for success.
  2. The Indie Writer’s Presence—currently available—how to create a web presence that helps you find and grow your audience.
  3. The Indie Writer’s Phraseology—currently available—a mini-dictionary for indie writers that explains techniques, tools, and terminology common to the industry.
  4. The Indie Writer’s Power Tools—in distribution—a short course in HTML and CSS that sets the writer up for success in blogging and formatting the modern epub. While writers may still choose to hire professional formatting artists, this book will help them avoid common headaches and give them the ability to tackle common issues without fear.
  5. The Indie Writer’s Practical Guide to Publishing—in edit—a step-by-step guide to choosing which distributors to work with and preparing the manuscript to meet their requirements.

I’ll update this post as the books move through the process. After Book 5 is released, I will be releasing a set of all 5 on Smashwords. Books 1-4 will be available on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and many other venues. Because book 5 contains extensive links to a wide variety of distributors, it can not be released on Amazon. It will only be available through Smashwords and any of their extended distribution venues that choose to carry it.

Links to additional resources are an integral part of this series. For this reason, the series will only be available in electronic formats.


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