Convict Dad

by P. Ryan Hembree

As a child, Fae Kardell stands helpless while police handcuff her father and drag him away to a police car. A jury later convicts him of murdering two young girls. Fae knows he’s innocent.
From behind prison walls, Royce Kardell finds a way to cope with his incarceration and maintain an active role in his family.
Fifteen years later when Fae returns to her hometown to close the family home after her mother’s death, she hears a deathbed confession which proves her father’s innocence.
As the real killer lurks nearby, details of the girls’ deaths surface, but is it enough to justify her dad’s release from prison?
If she pushes for a new trial and she succeeds, her father could be freed-or-if she fails, he could get the death penalty.

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