Poems from the Edge of Spring

Cover - daisy on the edge

by Elise Skidmore

A book of poetry from Elise Skidmore touching on the phases and loves of life, family, friends and the world we find ourselves in. Elise is converting poetry haters into poetry lovers with her accessible poems that delight and entertain.

Mosaic of Joy

Piecing together
a mosaic of joy
from shattered tiles
scattered around her,

she picks up
their first kiss
and declaration of love
and snugs them between
the light in his eyes at long ago reunions
and furious lovemaking on an ugly orange rug.

There are slabs
for the lives they created together,
the children who once quickened inside her,
who even grown have the ability to move her.

She fills in the cracks
with happy surprises
and hands held under pre-dawn stars,

certain that grout made from love
will last forever.


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